Jul 20

3 weeks today. <3 Cory Michael;

im lucky to have met you…for you to accept who i am. for you to listen to my problems and still love me. you love me unconditionally. no matter what.. im always gonna be here for you. you mean so much to me. you’re my best friend. i wouldnt change one thing about our relationship. everything just fell into place. this is my first real relationship…that actually means something to me. i feel like we’re gonna last.. we know how to handle things.. im not saying we’re perfect and know everything, but we definitely know how to work things out. i will go through anything and everything to be with you. i cannot believe how you make me feel…you make me feel so special. i remember the first day i met you, and i could tell you really liked me but didn’t wanna ask me out…it was the cutest thing ever. the crazy thing is how much we have in common. i feel like you’re the only one who understands just exactly how i feel about everything. Cory Michael, you mean everything to me. dont ever think that i dont love you. im sorry if i’ve ever said anything to hurt you… because i dont mean to.

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